Dauka full scale opera in two acts, subject by Sudrabu Edzus, libretto by Karlis Verdins (2007 - 2009)


Les Livres De Ton Silence / Books of  silence  chamber opera in one act (SSAATTBB, flute, clarinet, fr.horn,

string quartett, electronics, live electronics) text by Oscar Milosz (2002 – 2004)






Symphony No2. "Warm wind" for symphony orchestra (2020/21)

Leaves leaving Leipzig for violin and string orchestra (2019)

Delta returning for woodwind quintet and symphony orchestra (2018)

Mara for symphony orchestra (2018)

love is stronger. SINFONIA No.1 for large symphony orchestra (2017)

Euphoria for symphony orchestra (2017)

Langsam for symphony orchestra (2016)

(SIN)fonietta chamber symphony (2015)

E(GO) concerto for saxophone and orchestra (2012)

Preludium. Light for symphony orchestra (2011)

Duality concerto for piano and orchestra (2010)

Drone for symphonic wind band (2010)

Postludium. Ice for symphony orchestra (2009)

Sat Nam for symphony orchestra (2009)

Urban translated concerto for clarinet and orchestra (2007/08)

In Se I for seven brass wind instruments and string orchestra (2007)

Stones and veils concerto for french horn and small orchestra (2005)

Stanza III …innuendo for large symphonic orchestra (2000/02)

Alba    for flute, accordion, two kokles and string orchestra (2003)  

Stanza II. Super flumina Babylonis for strings, three voices and electronics (2001)

Concerto for cello and orchestra (1995/96)

Novella for string orchestra (1993)





Credo for mixed choir, string orchestra, solo violin and vibraphone (2020)

Urban mass for mixed choir, baritone solo and symphonic wind band (2013/14) text by Janis Rokpelnis

Pigeon post for mixed choir, flute, accordion and two kokles (2007) text by Katharine Lee Bates

Fides.Spes.Caritas for mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2006) text in latin

Pavasara rits (Rite of spring) for large choir and instrumantal group (2005/06) Latvian traditional texts

Asinsdziesma (Bloodsong) for mixed choir, soloists, organ, chamber orchester (1996/98) Texts from latin traditional motets






Courage for piano (2021)

Answers for solo marimba (2021)

Towards vasteness clocks stand still for clarinet and piano quartet (2021)

Geography of rain for clarinet, violoncello and piano (2021)

Late rose for organ (2020)

Without moon for piano (2019)

4 in 3 for piano trio (2019)

3 in 4 for piano quartet (2019)

7 in 7 for piano four hands, two violins, viola and two cellos (2019)

tra(N)ce for 12 musicians (2016)

Quidditas for violoncello solo (2016)

Octagon. Episodi e sonata piano solo (2015)

Introversion and farewell. String quartet No.3 (2014)

Iron - Wood for double bass and piano (2013)

Nimbus for violoncello, piano and percussion (2013)

Forged meetings for acoustic guitar (2013)

Latvian cookbook for large ensemble (2011/2012)

Voice of plains for saxophone and organ (2012)

Amrita. String quartet No.2  for string quartet (2011)

Matter of imagination for kokle (or electric guitar) and saxophone quartet (2011)

Kali Yantra for flute and piano (2011)

Northern orchid for gamelan ensemble (2011)

Trataka. Point noir. String quartet No.1  for string quartet (2010/2011)

Dorada for piano solo (2010)

Pinkerigas dziesminas for mezzo-soprano, flute, tuba and piano (2009)

Distant bells (2008) for piano duet

Fading airs. Scattered choirs (2006) for two kokles, flute and accordion

Sitivit Anima Mea for organ (2005)

Seven Madrigals By E.E.Cummings for mezzo-soprano and six players (Cl(Cl.basso),Tr-ba,Tr-ne,Perc,Vla,Vcl) (2004) 

Promises and shapes for oboe and seven instruments (Fl,Ob,Cl(Cl basso),Cor,Perc,Vln,Vla,Vcl

Narrow paths. Dreamy steps for guitar (2003)

Bang for three    for three percussionists (2002)

Pierrot for alto saxophone (2001)

Stanza I 31.12.99. for string quartet and piano (1999)

Der Todeskeim. Der Lebenskeim for two kokles and flute (2000)

Māte Zeme (Mother Earth) for viola solo (1997 - 2008)

Lacrimae In memoriam of Em.Darzinsh for violin, viola, cello and piano (1996)

Senza Barriera for two pianos and percussions (1996/97)

Vai dzirdi mani... (Do you hear me...) for cello solo (1996)

Blakus... (Beside...) for baritonbass accordion (1995)

Arlekina gars (The spirit of Arlequine) for clarinet solo (1995)

Capriccio e contraverso for clarinet quartet (1995/96)

Muzika mirusam putnam (Music for a dead bird) for piano (1995)

Sonata for violin and piano Pamestie (Deserted) (1994)

Book of the singing eternity  for oboe, accordion and violine (1993)

Butibas apliecinajums  string quartett (1993)

Notvertie mirkli  for piano (1992)

Monologue  for oboe solo (1992)






Two lines by Emily Dickinson for alto voice solo (2020) 

Four songs of Eduards Veidenbaums and dedication for baritone and piano (2017)

Male songs 2 for baritone and piano (2015)

Male songs for baritone and piano (2014) 

Parallels of Dagda for mezzo-soprano, bass and piano (2014)

Black cherry for voice and electronics (2006)

Bird for voice and electronics (2006)

Solitude for mezzo-soprano and electronics (2003)  tape music (from opera Books of Silence)

Verbum et Verbum for mezzo soprano solo (2000)






Butterfly for woman's (girls) choir (2021)

The morning of the world for mixed choir (2020)

Aerodynamics for mixed choir (2019)

The Drop for mixed choir (versions for male and female choirs) (2018)

No debesim for mixed choir (2015)

Kur tad tu nu biji for male choir (2013)

Two latvian folksongs for female vocal group (2013)

Dyptich for mixed choir (2013)

Silence is... for mixed choir (2012)

Om, Lux aeterna for mixed choir (2012)

Aiz loga for mixed choir (2010)

Let it be forgotten for mixed choir (2007)

Pianissimo for mixed choir (2007)

Meness starus stigo for mixed choir (2005)

Rutoj saule for mixed choir (2005)

The Sun  for mixed choir (2001)

Four Madrigals by E.E.Cummings  for vocal group (2000)

Apstakli. Pamosanas. Domīgi pakluset (Circumstances. Awakening. Keep quiet thinkfully) for choir, tape, live  electronics (1999)

Ave Maria for mixed choir (1998)

Adoramus Te for mixed choir (1996/2003)






Southern walls for baritone saxophone and electronics (2017)

Woodoo 80 for electric guitar and electronics (improvised guitar part) (2009)

Stencil of time for violoncello, electric guittar and electronics (2008)

Music for instalation of visual artist Gints Gabrans for instalation No Wave, No Particle: Walking Through Walls (2008)

Wind rose. City shape turbulence for electric guitar and electronics in coloboration with Olafs Stals  (improvised guitar part) (2007)

Music for instalation of artist Gints Gabrans Parahypnosis in Venice art Biennale (2007)

Black cherry.Verso II (version for electric guitar and electronics) in coloboration with Olafs Stals (improvised guitar part) (2007)

Tunnel ambience created for multimedial artwork by latvian artist Gints Gabrans for latvian exposition in La biennale di Venezia (2007)

Grace for electric guitar and electronics (in coloboration with Olafs Stals) (improvised guitar part) (2007)

INDIGO  tape music (2005)

Le jardin descends vers la mer (2003) tape music (from opera Books of silence)

Landscape on a dark red  for pre-recorded voices and electronics (2002)

Passia   tape music (dolby surround) (2002)

Gutta   tape music (2001)






music for spectacle Cheese and Marmelade by L.Gundars (2001)

music for spectacle Electra by Euripides (2001)

music for spectacle Fēlikss un Felicita (Felix and Felicity) by P.Petersons (1998)

music for spectacle Neviena pasa vārda (Without words) by P.Petersons (1996)






My unknown soldier music for documentary film by Anna Kryvenko (2018)

First born music for drama by Aik Karapetian (2017)

Pelnu sanatorija (Exiled) music for drama by Davis Simanis (2015)

With best regards - Anna Augustowna music for documentary film (2010)

Sporting fanfare choral music for comercials (2008)

Workshop in the countryside   music for documentary film (2002)




In the observatory of professor Ufo Dormouse for melodic instrument and piano (2011)

Lapsu kalns (Fox hill) for children's vocal group and violoncello (2007)   

Dui lukter, dui svecin for children's vocal group (2010)