January 23, 1978; Riga, Latvia




                        2001- 2003 Postgraduate studies in Lithuanian Academy of music – Master degree

                        2002   participance in international composers workshops in Stockholm   under Magnus Lindberg, Pär Lindgren and Bent Sorensen

1999- 2001  Lithuanian Academy of Music (pupil of prof. O.Balakauskas)- Bachelor degree

1997-1999 Latvian Academy of Music (pupil of prof. P.Plakidis)

1996-1997 Vienna University of Music and Theatre (pupil of K.Schwertsik)

1993-1996 Em.Darzinsh Music school (pupil of composer P.Vasks)

1996 seminar of young composers in Bosswil (Switzerland)

1995 seminar of young composers in Ivanov (Russia) (pupil of S.Berinski)





                            2015 nominated for highest musical award in Latvia - Great music prize for E(GO) - concerto for saxophone and orchestra

                            2014 Eternity prize of Latvian copyright agency AKKA/LAA for “Most

                            performed contemporary music piece" for Latvian cookbook

                            2014 Title of "musical piece of the year" by Latvian Radio 3 "Classics" for saxophone concerto E(GO)

                            2013 production of opera Dauka nominated for highest musical award in Latvia - Great music prize

                            2012 nominated for prize in culture by newspaper Diena for Drone

                            2012 nominated for highest musical award in Latvia - Great music prize for Duality, concerto for piano and orchestra

                                     2011 nominated for highest musical award in Latvia - Great music prize for Urban translated

                            2010 nominated for highest musical award in Latvia - Great music prize for Postludium.Ice

                            2010 awarded prize in culture by newspaper Diena

                            2009 awarded musical piece of the year for Postludium. Ice by latvian radio 3 Classics.

                            2009 nominated for prize in culture by newspaper Diena for Postludium. Ice

                            2009 double nominated for highest musical award in Latvia - Great music prize for Pigeon post and Let it be forgotten

                            2007 highest musical award in Latvia - Great music prize for Fides.Spes.Caritas

                            2005 2.prize in E.Dârzins memorial competition for choral composing for Mçness starus stigo

                            2005 1.prize in International Jurgenson competition for young composers, Moscow for Seven Madrigals by E.E.Cummings

                            2004 Stipendiar of Latvian Ministry of Culture

                            2003 nominee of the annual prize Lielais Kristaps in the category  “The Best

                            film music” for Workshop  in the countryside

                            2003 Eternity prize of Latvian copyright agency AKKA/LAA for “Most

                            performed contemporary music pieces” - Stanza I 31.12.99 and The Sun

                            1995, 2003, 2007 sucsesefull participance in international tribune for new music Rostrum

                            1994 laureate of chamber music opuses contest of Latvian Composer Union






                            1996  Baltic Breezes Over Malaysia (Malaysia)

                            1994, 2003, 2005  Autumn chamber music days (Latvia)

                            1998, 2006  International sacred music festival (Latvia)

                            1998, 2002  Gaida (Lithuania)

                            1996, 2013  Warszaw autumn (Poland)

                            2001, 2007  Druskomania (Lithuania)

                            2001  Music festival, city of Cesis (Latvia)

                            2001  Bendras Faktorius (Lithuania)

                            2001  e-muzika (Lithuania)

                            2002  Spelplan Stockholm (Sweden)

                            2003  Maerzmusik (Germany)

                            2002 - 2012  Arena (Latvia)

                            2003   Nyyd (Estonia)

                            2005 Klangspuren (Tirol, Austria)

                            2005 Bergen international music festival (Norway)

                            2006 Time of music (Viitasari, Finland)

                            2007 La Biennale di Venetia (Italy)

                            2007 ISCM World Music Days (Hong Kong)

                            2010 Gogolfest (Ukraine)

                            2011 Estonian music days / Tallin music week (Estonia)

                            2011 Sounds New (UK) 

                            2012 Musica Viva (Germany) 






                                    2015 Netherlands Radio Philharmonic orchestra 

                            2015 Belgian National symphony orchestra 

                            2012, 2013 Ensemble Modern (Germany)

                            2012 Radio symphony orchestra Berlin (Germany) 

                            2012 GAM ensemble (Russia)

                            2011, 2012, 2013 Mikkel Andersen (Denmark)

                            2011 Rhythm in Bronze (Malaysia)

                            2009, 2014 Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbruecken - Kaiserlautern 

                            2009 - present conductor Karel Mark Chichon

                            2007 Tammy Ho (Hong Kong)

                            2007 Ensemble Caput (Iceland)

                            2006 New music concerts ensemble (Toronto, Canada)

                            2006 Patricia Green (Canada)

                            2005 Studio for new music (Russia)

                            2004 Paragon Ensemble (Scotland)

                            2001 St.Christopher chamber orchestra (Lithuania)

                            2002, 2004 Kroumata ensemble (Sweden)

                            2003 Pierrot lunaire ensemble Wien (Austria)

                            2004   Reinbert Evers (Germany)

                            1995 Susanne Stanzeleit (vln), Julian Jacobson (pno) (UK)






                            2014 - Latvian Radio channel 3 - Classics - program manager

                            2013 - city of Ventspils secondary school of music - teacher of composition and theoretical disciplines

                            2011 - 2013  City of Cesis secondary music school - teacher of composition

                            2006   founder of Woodpecker project - eletroacoustic music group together with Baiba Berke, later - Olafs Stals

                            2005   J.Medins music school - teacher of composition and music technologies

                            2003-  musical journal “Mûzikas saule” (“Sun of music”) - editor

                            2002- 2005 Latvian Academy of Culture - lecturer on contemporary music

                            2002-  organizer of International Workshop for young composers in Dundaga

                            1998-1999 newspaper “Literature.Art.We” - musical editor

                            1997, 2012 -   program “Classics” of Latvian Radio - program manager






                           2004-2007, 2009 -   member of the board of Latvian Composers’ union

                           2002 -  member of Latvian Composers’ union

                           2002 -  artistic board member of international new music festival ARENA

                           2003    member of judging commitee of national music prize Great music prize

                           2002 - 2004 member of the board of Latvian Music Information centre